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The Improvised Life with Katie Goodman | How To Create A Courageous, Adventurous, Meaningful Life, Driven By Purpose

Oct 30, 2018

Got a job interview or a big date coming up and don’t want to blow it? Then listen in! We are going to work with the Inner Critic that can sabotage everything before you even get out the door!

Go here and grab your free copy of Katie’s Gag Your Inner Critic Worksheet – this little baby is gonna change...

Oct 16, 2018

You know how sometimes people talk about weight-creep? Gaining pounds after having a baby or menopause? It’s like that. I have self-promotion-creep.

And here’s the biggest question I have for all of us. Does it even work? I don’t mean does it make me money, does it make us famous, does it make us “successful”...