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The Improvised Life with Katie Goodman | How To Create A Courageous, Adventurous, Meaningful Life, Driven By Purpose

Jun 3, 2018

This episode is going to teach you how To REALLY Gain Confidence. I am not a fan of throwing all caution to the wind and saying, “If I REALLY believe in myself, this will work!” That’s bull-oney… So what does work?

I am a big fan of self-confidence building, no doubt. I use improv games and exercises when I life-coach, keynote speak and to get my workshop participants to see that everything they need is right inside their head: all their ideas, all the things they have to offer the world. You are unique and we need you for that. So today I will give you tons of tools and strategies to really gain self-confidence and get unstuck and get your work out there.

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