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The Improvised Life with Katie Goodman | How To Create A Courageous, Adventurous, Meaningful Life, Driven By Purpose

Nov 27, 2018

Last summer I planted a flower bed with an automatic irrigation system and my Dad and I put in a soaker hose that lives underground but right near the flowers. And we attached it to the hose bib coming out of the house where the water comes out, and then ran it around all the plants. But it didn’t work very well and the plants at the top of the little hill it was on started to die and we couldn’t figure out why. Finally my dad figured out that we had run it from the bottom of the little hill, up to the top. So it had to work so hard to pump all that water uphill that it never made it to the top plants. So we rearranged the hose and had it start at the top and then just flow downhill to reach every plant. Duh. Now everything's growing and thriving. 

Let me tell you a secret: creativity is just totally averse to struggle.When you try incredibly hard and struggle you create tension. The ideas won’t come, you’ll block yourself, you’ll get tense and you’re right brain will just shut down.

Plus nobody will want to work with you!

So learning that “harder is not better” is so incredibly important to a creative and successful life. And I imagine you’ve heard this idea before —but why is it so damn hard for us to believe it????

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