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The Improvised Life with Katie Goodman | How To Create A Courageous, Adventurous, Meaningful Life, Driven By Purpose

Jun 26, 2018

When my friend Sarah was in deep, deep labor, she told me, she suddenly became utterly polite, apologetic and thanked everyone around her continually. She was being the “good girl” she was conditioned to be.  I myself swore like a sailor and decided the grass was definitely greener somewhere else right at that moment. Another friend got angry at her husband and started telling him this was all his fault, and yet another woman I know let everyone else make all her decisions for her and regretted it later.

When we are stripped down to our most primitive level, you’d think we’d become wonderfully clear, instinctive, a perfectly functioning animal. But clearly this isn’t what happened to many of us in labor, and in the creativity workshops I lead that doesn’t happen there either.

What comes up is our conditioning. Don't be ruled by your conditioning. Listen in today as Katie walks you through an exercise so you can see where your “deep labor” sends you. And then finally, once you’ve had the delightful experience of learning about yourself, you get to play. You get to try to do it in a different way.

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