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The Improvised Life with Katie Goodman | How To Create A Courageous, Adventurous, Meaningful Life, Driven By Purpose

Jul 3, 2018

What happens when you get in the habit of following a strict schedule, and suddenly in the middle of a phone call or in the middle of reading you have an idea for a new project or a new way of doing things or someone you want to reach out to. Will you allow yourself to do that?

What if on the way to the coffee machine in your office, you have a great idea, but it's not the time that you have scheduled for creative ideas. Can you let yourself to stop and follow that needs or that idea? And let's say you do follow it but after an hour you suddenly realize the idea wasn't really that great or you can't flush it out or for some reason it's a fail. Will you allow yourself to do that same off schedule Muse-following riff the next time? Or will you say no you know what that was a total waste of time and I should go back to sticking to my schedule? 

Today's episode will teach you how to intentionally add spontaneity to your life.

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